about Magical moments

Once upon a time, in a city called Lake Charles, a young woman named Hannah made a wish in her heart that she could share a little magic to the true princesses of the world, little girls with dreams in their hearts and sparkles in their eyes.


And so she did.


Magical Moments brings beloved fairy tales into the lives of the little princesses of SWLA. Our focus is the children who are inspired by our characters. We want to see them grow and laugh and make a moment that will last forever in their memories.


We pride ourselves in engaging storytelling, seamless event planning, and graceful virtues. We seek to provide quality character performances that encourage kindness, courage, generosity, and creativity.


Through a little glitter, a little grace, and a lot of giggles we hope that SWLA will be more beautiful because of the dreams that we inspire.


Magical Moments founder and performer, Hannah Pettefer, loves princesses. More than that, she loves helping little girls see their true beauty. She has taught grace to young girls at Sarah Quinn Jones School of Ballet for seven years and counting. She also performs and teaches upper level classes at SQJ Ballet. Hannah trained in dance at American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Austen, Texas Ballet Theatre, and American Academy of Ballet.


Hannah’s life changed when she worked at Walt Disney World for the Disney College Program. During this internship, Hannah discovered her love for all things magical. She wanted to bring some fairy dust home with her, so she created Magical Moments.


You can find Hannah studying for her public relations classes at McNeese, worshipping Jesus, baking cookies, or watching movies, of which her favorite is Tangled. To find out more about Hannah, check out her blog: graceingeverything.com.

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